Shelia Massey is known around Hilltop Manor Health and Rehabilitation Center for her willingness to jump in and help her coworkers, residents and their families whenever she is needed. Currently, she serves as the Social Services Director at the care center but also helps the medical records and activities department. Shelia is greatly valued by those around her inside and outside the care center.

Working as a CNA for 31 years, Shelia came to the care center in 2016 as a Nursing Assistant. Shelia went through the CNA program at Consulate Health Care after arriving at the care center and passed the exam right after. Working in health care has always been her desire, as it is an environment where she is able to exercise her passion for helping others.

Hilltop Manor Health and Rehabilitation Center is a small center in Union, MS, caring for many short and long-term residents. Shelia explains that working in a smaller facility makes it easier to get to know everyone, both residents and staff, on a deeper level, creating a strong relationship and a family environment. “We are all super close; it makes working at the center fantastic,” she said.

“Having compassion and being patient can take you a long way.”

Shelia considers herself a “people person” and truly enjoys being around the staff and residents at work. Coming into the care center as a CNA, she did not think about transitioning into a different role. But her previous experience, combined with her passion for helping others, made her a perfect fit for the admissions department when a position opened. A little after, Shelia transitioned to the social services department, where she could help residents and families with any issues they might have.

“Working in long-term care can be hard; you have to have a calling and love to give 100% every day,” said Shelia. She shared that the biggest challenge of her job is seeing someone hurt or sad. Being a caregiver, a part of her job is simply being there for her residents when they need her. Shelia makes it her priority to help them with whatever they might need and looks at each of them like they are part of her own family.

She also shared some wise advice with professionals of all areas, but especially long-term care workers. “Having compassion and being patient can take you a long way,” she said. Shelia explains that working with people is the best part of her job, and being able to show compassion towards one another is what makes someone stand out. She truly stands out and is a valuable member of Hilltop Manor Health and Rehabilitation Center’s team. Thank you for your hard work and commitment, Shelia!

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