This week’s Care Center Spotlight is going to take us behind the doors of Seaview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Pompano Beach, FL, where patients are making great strides in recovery. 

In particular, we are pleased to focus on two patients who are continuing to become more independent by working closely with the enthusiastic caregivers and therapists at Seaview. The first patient is a gentleman in his early twenties who was severely injured in a motor vehicle accident, leaving him unable to eat or drink. He had been receiving his nutrition through a feeding tube for a year before his admission to Seaview. The staff at Seaview did a full assessment of the patient, accepting no assumptions, and were pleased to see that he tolerated his trials well, even passing his swallow tests. So, he began to eat and drink again. As anyone who knows a young man in his twenties, can understand the joy this gentleman derives from a delicious meal! The hope is that with continued hard work in therapy and excellent care, this man will continue to improve and be able to move back home, and hopefully one day live independently.

The second patient is a man in his late forties who had multiple strokes affecting his speech and ability to swallow. He had also been eating through a tube for a year. The director of rehabilitation at Seaview, Lauren B. conducted a full assessment and found that he did great on his swallow study, and now he is eating too! He is currently working with physical therapy to improve his walking, and the therapies have greatly increased his quality of life.  He is also working on his ability to express his wants and needs through verbalization or writing. With this type of continued progress, all are hopeful that he will be able to eventually move back into the community.

In discussing these positive outcomes with Seaview’s rehabilitation director, she emphasized that it is always important to take a look at long-term care residents with a fresh set of eyes. This means that you don’t take information from a last assessment for granted. She said that you can’t trust the notes, and should always keep trying for more.

There is an additional benefit to the outstanding therapy services provided at Seaview. As COVID-19 continues to spread outside the doors of the care center, inside, patients are still being kept socially distanced. The one-on-one therapy services are allowing patients to maintain a routine and have quality time socializing with the therapists. This is especially important during this time when family members cannot visit face-to-face with their loved ones. We offer a great big thank you to the wonderful caregivers and therapists at Seaview Nursing and Rehabilitation. We appreciate the excellent care, love and thoughtfulness you provide to all of the patients and residents.

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