More often than not, those who work in health care are either born into it, or they fall into it and find out it’s their calling. For Paige at Siemon’s Heritage Personal Care Center in Somerset, PA, it was the latter. Although she hasn’t been with Consulate Health Care for more than a few months, she has already found that she is not only passionate about healthcare, but she has found what she is meant to do in life. She began her career in December of 2016, and is currently a residential aid and medical technician.

Paige did not always know that she was cut out for health care. Having studied early childhood education in college, she had prepared for another path in life. However, Paige eventually had a change of heart. She had worked as an administrative medical assistant throughout high school and found that she missed it. It was then that she decided to quit her previous job so that she could get more experience in healthcare and get back to what she loved. Once Paige started working at Siemon’s Heritage, she fell in love with the residents and the atmosphere.

Paige finds the feeling of being able to help the residents when they can’t help themselves rewarding. She said, “It makes me feel good about myself knowing that I’m helping someone else who needs it”. Paige is motivated by the fact that the residents need her, and depend on her. She knows that it’s her responsibility to be there for them. She said, “We get excited to see each other, and that motivates me to be here, and puts a smile on my face”.

“We get excited to see each other, and that motivates me..."

The residents are not the only part of her job that has had an impact on her. Paige has been moved by her boss, Sandra, as well. When Paige first started working at Siemon’s Heritage, she was nervous about it. But, Sandra gave her confidence by telling her how much she believed in her and how she knew that she was a good fit for the role. She still mentors Paige today and it’s been a constant source of motivation for her.

In just a short period of time, Paige has learned a tremendous amount. She doesn’t just know what our Core Values are and what they mean, she truly believes in them. She said that she has learned to be more compassionate to others, and that honesty is important all of the time. Respecting her coworkers and earning their respect back rings true to Paige. Additionally, when she considers integrity, she thinks of her own family and how important it is to do the right thing. She is devoted to her residents and that shows with her sincere compassion for them and passion about her job. She said, “I now put the more important things as a priority in my life”.

Paige’s outlook on her life and her career is nothing but positive. She knows she has room to grow and she wants to learn as much as she can so that she can develop and do even more for her residents. She is always trying different things, and she wants to work hard at Heritage and see what opportunities arise as she goes along. She is currently studying to be an administrative medical assistant in college and hopes to be able to use that knowledge to better the lives of the residents.

We believe that Paige is an excellent asset to not only Siemon’s Heritage, but to the Consulate Health Care family. With tenacity, compassion, and a smile on her face, we know she will do great things. Thank you Paige for taking a chance in health care and deciding to stay; we’re glad you found your calling with us!