Jimmy Nodine has been working at Oak Grove Healthcare Center in Rutherfordton, North Carolina for approximately four and a half years. Jimmy didn’t set out to work in health care, or even in maintenance. He was actually a commercial truck driver for 28 years, and then worked for himself in home maintenance for over 10 years. He worked part-time at Oak Grove for about a year, until he was asked to join the team full-time. Jimmy was so good, that he is now the director of plant and operations!

The job gives me “good feelings all day long,” Jimmy said of being able to help the residents in the care center. “They appreciate you and they let you know.” According to Melissa Clayton from human resources, the feeling is mutual. “Residents and employees love Jimmy and enjoy his company.” Jimmy said that he has no craving for external recognition, because the job itself is so satisfying.

One of the aspects of the job that Jimmy loves is that, “Every day presents a doable challenge. There is always something different to do in addition to the regular building maintenance, which is constant.” Melissa sees it another way, “He is a hard worker and goes above and beyond his call of duty. Jimmy always makes himself available at all times day and night to assure needs are taken care of at the facility. He takes pride in everything he does and is a blessing to Oak Grove.”

"He takes pride in everything he does and is a blessing to Oak Grove.”

Even though Jimmy was nominated for exemplifying all five of Consulate’s core values, he said that compassion is maybe the most important. “If you put yourself in the resident’s shoes, you will do better work.” He said that “Everybody needs somebody.” If a resident doesn’t have a special person, Jimmy tries to be that special person by bringing in a flower or stuffed animal for a resident who is feeling sad.

Of course, COVID-19 has presented new challenges to the care center and to Jimmy’s family life. When the pandemic first came to light, a doctor advised staff to “just go home and to work, don’t go anywhere else if you can avoid it.” Jimmy took this recommendation very seriously, as his 84 year old mother lives with him. He wanted to make sure to protect her health as well as the health of the vulnerable residents in the care center. Because Jimmy is the youngest of eight siblings, his brothers and sisters have been bringing food to his house so Jimmy doesn’t even need to go to the grocery store during the pandemic.

“I feel like I have found my calling,” Jimmy said of his work at Oak Grove. Jimmy hopes to spend the rest of his career at the care center because it has been the most meaningful job he has ever had. We hope that he does exactly that.

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