Consulate Health Care is proud to announce that Siemon’s Heritage Personal Care Center in Somerset, Pennsylvania, received the 2019 Pennsylvania Health Care Association (PHCA)’s Best Practice in Quality Workforce Development Award!

In the PHCA’s words: “Siemon’s Heritage Personal Care faced increased call-offs, a number of vacant shifts, and significant overtime resulting in decreased staff satisfaction and increased turnover rate. The need for improvement was identified through one-on-one and small group meetings with direct care staff as well as reviewing monthly QAPI meetings. Management and direct care staff worked closely as a team to create a schedule that satisfied employees and provided consistent quality care shifting from 8-hour shifts to 12 hours. This resulted in decreased call-offs, turnover rate, and overtime.”

Congratulations to the staff of Siemon’s Heritage for their hard work in facing challenges head-on, especially Executive Director Lisa Sivec, as well as medtechs and residential assistants, Amy Scogna and Bethany Raley, whose shift restructuring strategy led the care center to achieve this distinction.

Pictured left to right: Bethany Raley, Lisa Sivec, and Amy Scogna smile and hold their award from PHCA

The PHCA is consistently committed to providing high-quality care. In the PHCA’s own words, they work hard “demonstrating that quality is more than a ‘slogan.’ PHCA recognizes outstanding programs as part of the PHCA Quality Initiative Plan. In its ongoing efforts to recognize the quality of care, PHCA annually holds the Excellence in Quality contest for all of our members.”

Their basic mission is to advance quality and improve lives. Consulate Health Care is proud of Siemon’s Heritage Personal Care Center and their important contribution to that effort!

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