Although Medical Records Coordinator Evelyn Quarterman doesn’t directly assist with patients on the nursing floor, she still finds ways to connect with them, and to use her caring, compassionate heart to enrich their lives.

Quarterman has worked at Harts Harbor Health Care Center for 19 years now, and her love for the residents and desire to improve their lives motivates her to come in and give her all each day. She explained: “Even if I don’t give [medical] care, I can still help in some ways. I go see my residents every morning and see if there’s something I can assist them with.”

Harts Harbor Assistant Business Office Manager, Lacandiance Skinner, sung her praises of Quarterman when she nominated her for this spotlight: “She is one of the most hardworking and easy to work with people I have ever met. She’s always going above and beyond, not just in her job title but in everything that is asked–and even things that are not asked of her. She is amazing–always has a bright smile and brightens up the entire [care center] with her friendly disposition.”

Quarterman said that many residents–both past and present–have left an impact on her. But in addition to the residents, Quarterman’s fellow staff members also make Harts Harbor a more positive environment to work at.

She told us that when she first started at Harts Harbor a nurse, Ms. Kirby, helped her adjust and taught her additional terminology in the field. When Quarterman entered the medical records department, she said that Linda Brown trained her exceptionally well, and showed her all the ropes necessary to succeed and help the residents. Quarterman emphasized how much their support truly meant to her.

Out of the five core values, Quarterman touted honesty and respect as the most vital. “I’m honest everyday. If there [are] any concerns or questions about the company, I’ll only give them honest answers, so they ask me. . . If people are not honest, there’s no justice for anyone.”

Quarterman elaborated, saying, “You have to be honest with others and with yourself. You can’t be honest with others if you can’t be honest with yourself. In any work field, you have to be honest. You treat others how you want them to treat you. I was raised to be honest.”

“If people are not honest, there’s no justice for anyone.”

Quarterman humbly advises that other individuals working in care center medical records departments: “Do the best that you can do. When you respect people, they will respect you. Since medical records is such a detail-oriented job, you have to be very detailed-oriented!”

As far as the future goes, Quarterman plans to “work until I can’t anymore… as long as Consulate will keep me!”

In the meantime, she summed it all up with a statement of personal faith and spirituality: “I try to serve God. I live by faith. I try to be the person God wants me to be.”

Quarterman describes herself as a “family person.” In her free time, she enjoys attending church, reading, and spending quality time with her six grandchildren (a.k.a. her “babies”), as well as her husband, mother, and siblings.

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