A part of the Consulate Health Care team for over 15 years, Bonnie Lawrence is the Vice President of Quality of Life. Working in the long-term care field since 1993, she understands the importance of providing our residents with the best quality services while also taking care of our employees. With her position, she makes it a priority to provide the teams at our care centers with the support, education and tools necessary for them to succeed.

When asked what motivated her to come into work each day with a positive attitude, Bonnie explained that she believes “when I help take care of our employees at the care center, I know I am helping them take good care of our residents.” She knows that everything she does is for the residents and their families, so she prioritizes doing whatever is necessary to support the centers for them to provide care with their hearts and hands. Her coworkers praise her for the dedication she shows every day. “For someone as busy as she is, she always picks up the phone when I call and always makes me feel like I’m the most important person in her world while we are talking,” one said.

In the past 15 years, Bonnie has been working at Consulate Health care; she has assumed many positions and excelled every time. She started as a director of nursing at the care center level and moved to the regional nursing director, then director of clinical services supporting many different care centers and finally got into community life as the VP. “I love to see the progress we made throughout the years and knowing I am a part of that,” she said.

"Bonnie is a dedicated and compassionate nurse who goes above and beyond for our patients and the staff at our centers."

Bonnie always wanted to be a nurse since she was a little girl. Her passion for caring for others is what brought her to the nursing field. Bonnie remembers the moment she realized that nursing was truly her life’s calling. “My best memory of being a nurse was sitting in a room at night with a patient who was passing away and being able to help him come to terms with the dying process and help him work through issues that he didn’t feel he could talk to his family about,” she said. “While this was over 30 years ago, I still remember him. Mr. Bushey, wherever you are, thank you for confirming for me that nursing was my life’s calling.”

After almost three decades in the nursing field, Bonnie says that every resident she meets makes a mark on her. “I can learn from every one of the residents. I always take something with me that helps change my practice for the better,” she says. She is very passionate about what she does and shows her integrity with everything she does. Bonnie says she strives to be someone people can count on because she is trustworthy and truly has a passion for it.

Andi Clark, Chief Nursing Officer, praises Bonnie for her initiative to get into the social services, community life, and dementia and Alzheimer’s care programs, helping the center improve with research and implementing unique pilot programs. “I learned very quickly that Bonnie is a dedicated and compassionate nurse who goes above and beyond for our patients and the staff at our centers. Bonnie’s legacy with Consulate has been much appreciated,” Andi added.

The Consulate family recognizes all the wonderful improvements Bonnie has made for our residents and care center teams. We will be forever thankful for her numerous contributions to our resident’s quality of life in every aspect. Thank you, Bonnie, for all you do every day; we appreciate your commitment and dedication to our mission!

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