Bonnie Edney has been taking care of the elderly since 2001, and is so happy to have found her home at Skyline Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Floyd, Virginia, where she is currently working as a CNA. At Skyline, she said everyone from office staff to CNAs to residents feel like a second family.

Bonnie is motivated to come to work each day because she knows that she is appreciated, and that her residents need her. When Bonnie comes to work in the morning, she loves to hear her residents say “I missed you.” She appreciates that the residents notice when she is gone, and their simple greeting brightens her day. Bonnie said that this strong relationship with her residents gives her a “sense of duty,” and as a result, she comes into the care center ready to give 110% of herself.

She cited a mutual respect among nurses, supervisors, and the residents at Skyline, and said the atmosphere makes you feel comfortable. We asked Bonnie to choose one of Consulate’s Core Values as the most important. She chose Honesty as the most important. “If you have an open and honest relationship with your co-workers, everything works better,” she said.

"The atmosphere makes you feel comfortable."

In looking toward the future, Bonnie wants to continue her service as a CNA because she loves the hands-on involvement with the residents. She gets a lot of satisfaction from talking to them and holding their hands. Some of the short-term patients have asked Bonnie for her phone number and contact information so they can keep in touch after they have been discharged. This is a true testament to Bonnie’s authenticity in living out Consulate’s Core Values. Thank you Bonnie for being an important part of the Consulate family. You are appreciated!