In a cubicle sandwiched between Creative Services and the Payroll department at Consulate’s Atlanta corporate headquarters, Payroll Specialist Michelle Ramdass hunkers down with a laser-like focus all day, everyday, so the vast network of Consulate care center staff across the US get paid.

Ramdass’s health care career began when she moved to Florida in 1993. Over the years, Ramdass worked in a plethora of various departments (such as restorative, human resources, MDS, and rehabilitation) in a handful of different Consulate care centers. In September of 2018, she relocated to Atlanta for her current role in corporate payroll.

Fortunately, these varying experiences have expanded her perspective and positively influence her daily interactions. Much of her daily tasks involve speaking with human resource coordinators (HRCs) over the phone. Given her past experience in their shoes, Ramdass said: “I understand what their struggle is. . . There are so many different things to know and learn in this role.”

Despite her many hours working with numbers and speaking with care center administrators and HRCs (some new to the job), she consistently upholds an attitude of compassion, patience, respect, and kindness—no matter the situation. Anyone who works around her knows that Ramdass refuses to let negativity filter into her job performance.

Jessi Beyer, Payroll Manager at Consulate corporate can attest: “I am very fortunate to have Michelle on my payroll team. . . Her knowledge helps me and my team immensely everyday. She is able to provide a unique perspective and bridge a gap for HRCs and payroll. Michelle is caring and has a willingness to go the extra mile to provide customer service to HRCs. She is eager to help and takes on tasks with a smile. I can always depend on her to get the job done with positivity.”

In addition to Ramdass’s seemingly effortless sweet and compassionate demeanor, her determination and tenacity fuels her to get the job done right. In her words: “I like challenges. To approach them, conquer them, and devour them.”

“I like teaching and explaining how things work, but I don’t want to tell you what to do. I want to tell you why.”

Ramdass said that training a new HRC is like “planting a seed,” and requires time, patience, and nurturing. “I like teaching and explaining how things work, but I don’t want to tell you what to do. I want to tell you why.”

As one with a natural lifelong curiosity, Ramdass constantly asked “why” as a child and into adulthood. She wants to get to the bottom of things and understand how systems work. As result of this, she works hard for what she considers her passion: those “lightbulb moments” when the switch flips on in the mind, and everything comes into clarity.

Unsurprisingly, Ramdass touts the importance of “integrity,” and considers it the backbone that upholds and connects all the rest of the core values. She believes that “patience is a part of integrity.” Luckily, she has both in spades.

Ramdass advised: “Always try to give 110% of yourself. You’ll feel better at the end of the day. If you have challenges, take a deep breath and come back to it. If you bring the problem, then bring the solution with you.”

While Ramdass raved about her current work environment at Consulate corporate Atlanta, tears cropped up in her eyes when reminiscing about her time at the care centers and her love and admiration for the individuals she met there. “All my residents have an impact on me. They know so much. I would participate in activities and converse with them, buy coloring books and crossword books for them. They have so much knowledge, everything they’ve been through. Everytime I think of them, I cry.”

In her free time, Ramdass enjoys watching Indian movies, cooking, and spending time with her two daughters.

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