Although she is a long way from her original home in the Dominican Republic, Wendy Dipiton-Rodriguez said that her job at The Brookshire in Melbourne Florida, is “the best choice I made in my life.” Wendy’s choice to join The Brookshire’s staff two and a half years ago has proven to be just as beneficial to the care center, as evidenced by her being nominated for demonstrating all five of Consulate’s core values.

Wendy is a CNA and medical technologist at the care center in addition to serving as a community liaison and concierge. Her ability to connect with people has made her an incredible asset to The Brookshire. She expressed exactly why the job is so meaningful to her, “I get to give love to the people who need me. The patients need love, confidence, and safety, and I am thankful to God for sending me to this special place. It’s a perfect place for me.”

When Carola Gonzales, the executive director of The Brookshire, was considering the job at the care center, it was Wendy who gave Carola a tour. They have had a wonderful relationship ever since then. Carola said that Wendy is always on-time, available, and is an exemplary employee. When we asked Wendy what she likes most about working at The Brookshire, she focused on the staff at the care center. She said “I love the teamwork. The staff is like family, we love each other and we protect each other.” There was evidence of that sentiment in Wendy’s CHIRPs nomination that said, “She consistently picks up shifts and helps out without being asked.”

Wendy has a special compassion for the residents who don’t have family members checking in on them. “I make sure they feel loved and secure. I tell them that I love them,” she said. She also mentioned she makes sure to give non-verbal residents extra time to communicate. “You just have to give them extra time to make sure they get what they need.”

Eventually, Wendy would like to become an LPN. We asked Wendy if she had advice for other caregivers, and she said, “Everything you do should be done from the heart and with love. Even when no one is looking at you, God can see what you are doing.” Wendy is a true treasure at The Brookshire, and we hope that she will continue to share her wholesome and joyous attitude for many years to come.

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