It is a great honor to share that Brandon Poole, VP of HR Operations, was recently named Vice-Chair of the Florida Health Care Association Quality Cabinet Workforce Council. 

Brandon joined the Consulate Health Care family in February of 2016, and has exhibited excellent leadership through executing strategic goals to streamline HR Operations for the organization.

FHCA has thanked Brandon for demonstrating commitment to the work of the Council and for sharing his knowledge with FHCA. 

Thank you Brandon for your commitment to Consulate and FHCA!

The FHCA Quality Cabinet emphasizes and supports quality for FHCA members throughout the senior care continuum and serves as a liaison between FHCA and agencies of the State of Florida and the federal government involved in quality issues. For more information about the FHCA Quality Cabinet, please contact FHCA at (850) 224-3907 or

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