Scott Pollaski has been serving the long-term care industry for his entire career. As a 17 year-old, he worked at University Hills Health and Rehabilitation in Pensacola in the housekeeping department.  As he got older, maintenance and laundry were added to his responsibilities. After a seven-year job as an environmental consultant for a long-term care company, he came to Destin Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center to become the maintenance director while the building was being constructed. He was able to observe the framework and construction of the building from the ground up, and he has been there ever since. Now, the building is over 25 years old and Pollaski treats the building with pride of ownership, and the physical plant and survey results reflect his commitment.  

“I have the best job on the planet,” said Pollaski, when asked what motivates him to come to work each day. He said that he loves what he does, and the patients and family members are so appreciative of his help. He realizes the importance of small gestures, like helping a patient find his television remote control. These small efforts make a huge impact on the residents, who Pollaski tries to make happy every day. Pollaski also loves the staff at the building, where he said the people are very friendly and exhibit southern hospitality.

Pollaski was nominated by his executive director, Rafael Fonseca, for being “the poster child for CHIRPs.” In other words, he exhibits all of Consulate Health Care’s core values on a daily basis. Pollaski’s passion is evident from the fact that he has mentored three assistant maintenance directors, who all came to him with no prior experience. All three of these men have gone on to have successful maintenance careers in other care centers.

Pollaski has experienced a lot throughout his career, and he said that the job has changed his life for the better. He has learned patience and developed empathy. He encourages others to pursue maintenance careers in long-term care. He said, “The job has made me a better father, son, and person.” Of course, there are big challenges too. Over the years, hurricanes and weather events have been some of the biggest events that Pollaski has had to confront. He said that those weather challenges pale in comparison to dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. He is optimistic that after COVID-19, more people will be eager to work or volunteer in long-term care.

With a grateful attitude, Pollaski is looking forward to dedicating many more years to his community at Destin Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center.

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