Steven Reese, the Director of Admissions at Summit Villa Care Center in Tallmadge, Ohio, shares a recipe his great-grandmother brought with her when she immigrated from Cassano, Italy. His family serves it at every holiday gathering.


2 cans albacore tuna

2-4 celery stalks

1 lb. provolone cheese

½ lb. salami

green olives



olive oil

wine vinegar



Finely dice the celery and cut ½ lb. of the cheese into very small cubes.  If you want meat in the mixture, finely chop ½ of the salami.

Combine ingredients in a bowl; add tuna and spread mixture onto a platter.  Cut remaining cheese into thin slices and surround mixture with cheese. Alternate cheese with salami around the edge of the platter.

Mix oil with vinegar (to taste) and lightly add to as a dressing to mixture.

Top with olives and capers.  Anchovies are optional.

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