Mary Hamilton, CNA at Consulate Health Care of Brandon in Brandon, Florida, is a veteran in the field of TLC (tender, loving care). After serving the community of Brandon for 33 years, she will finally hang up her scrubs next week. Dorenda Tiggs, Executive Director of CHC of Brandon, stated that Hamilton is the “longest tenure nursing home employee ever in Brandon, Florida. She started when the care center first opened in 1986.”

Hamilton described her fellow staff as “like a family,” in which everyone has “loved each other and stuck together.”

Of all five core values, Hamilton touts the importance of “honesty” and “respect” most of all. She explained how crucial it is that residents can trust the CNAs and staff in charge of their care and road to recovery, and how being completely “transparent” with residents regarding their treatment plans is vital.

Yet all of this doesn’t come without compassion. Ultimately, in her career of caring for others, Hamilton has abided by the “golden rule.” She said: “Put yourself in others’ shoes,” and advised that care center staff treat the residents how they would like to be treated, and stated simply: “When I get old, I want someone good to take care of me. What goes around, comes around.”

She said that over the years she enjoyed the work she did—helping residents get well, strengthened and ready to go home—and enjoyed seeing the smiles on their faces even through their ups and downs.

Executive Director Dorenda Tiggs was quick to sing her praises for Hamilton, describing her as “dependable, efficient, and unfailingly punctual.”

She elaborated: “[Hamilton’s] quick wit, attention to detail, and loyalty to the organization have endeared her to her colleagues. She loves people, works hard, and always tries to lift the spirits of those around her. She is a true champion for our nursing assistants, with a tireless commitment to serving our organization. Through many changes in leadership, Mary has made a difference at our facility, exemplified the mission, and has positively impacted everyone she has come in contact with. Her 33 years of service, skills, knowledge, willingness to help others, and dedication to our facility and organization as a whole make her our CHIRP nominee.”

Accolades from some of her co-workers over the years attest to the high-caliber work and support Hamilton provided in her career:

Lee Edmister, Executive Director at Brandon Health and Rehabilitation Center, recalled an early encounter with Hamilton. “When I first met Mary, she said, ‘Who put this kid in charge?’ I was privileged and learned a ton from Mary on respecting the CNAs and how to treat the residents as if they were family.”

Cheryl Guerad of Staffing also expressed gratitude, love, and respect for Hamilton and the “privilege” of the learning experience she afforded her when Guerad was in training. 

Rommel Flores, Director of Nursing at Consulate Health Care of Brandon, described Hamilton as “a wonderful, sweet and kind lady, one I asked advice from when I first started at CHC of Brandon.”

Business Development Coordinator Kzuonne Woody poignantly wrote: “As a professional in the health care world, I’ve had the pleasure of serving thousands of patients and families. Along with those amazing memories, I’ve also had the pleasure of working aside some of the most dedicated and committed health care professionals in the business. Mrs. Mary Hamilton has not only been a great co-worker, but she’s been a mentor, and a friend to many. . . Her commitment to her patients will always be remembered, and she will truly be missed by her Consulate family.”

As for Hamilton: she looks forward to spending time with her ten grandchildren, resting, caring for her mother, and taking a vacation.

Consulate Health Care—and especially the CHC of Brandon family—wish Mary Hamilton, CNA, a happy and healthy retirement! Thank you for your dedicated service to your peers and residents.

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