Glimmers of Jeanne Maclin’s early adolescence predict her future career caring for seniors. While growing up in New York, Maclin participated in a summer youth employment program. At age 15, she spent her days running errands and shopping for elderly citizens, delivering their groceries and brightening their afternoons.

Now Assistant Director of Nursing (DON) at Envoy of Lawrenceville in Lawrenceville, Virginia, Maclin laughs about the outcome of her career journey. Despite her work ethic and passion for helping others—especially senior adults—she said: “It’s funny, because when my sister and I were kids, she used to want to be a nurse and I wanted to be a secretary, but then we got older and went in opposite directions. I’m a nurse and my sister is a secretary!”

Maclin has now amassed over 30 years of health care and nursing experience. She began her career in New York, and eventually moved to Virginia, where she taught CNAs and LPNs at a hospital, and became director of the teaching program. After serving there for 19 years, she moved on to her current role at Envoy of Lawrenceville in August of 2018.

Maclin is a nurse and an educator, through and through. “I still get to give back to my profession when educating. . . I enjoy being a resource to CNAs and LPNs after they graduate. Part of my position is also recruiting, visiting colleges. That’s the beauty of working here, I can give so much of myself in different ways. I like that I’m able to share with so many other people.”

"That’s the beauty of working here, I can give so much of myself in different ways. I like that I’m able to share with so many other people.”

We could hear the energy in Maclin’s voice as she spoke about her drive and hunger for knowledge. When asked about what motivates her to come into the care center each day, she said: “Every day is a new learning experience. And so I get up excited about what I can learn. . . You’re never too old to learn. Everyday I wake up wanting to gain more wisdom.”

Maclin seeks knowledge from her fellow staff members and her residents alike. “I’m always looking to gain knowledge and wisdom from older people. When I go into patients’ rooms—it’s first to smile at them, to enjoy their presence, and also to hear them confide in me more. Sometimes if they’re quiet, I always wonder what they’re thinking. . . But people always have something to offer, and I want them to feel like they can still do that—to offer something to someone everyday.”

Tanya LaMon, Director of Admissions at Envoy of Lawrenceville, can attest to Maclin’s impressive performance, intellectual drive, and compassionate heart: “Jeanne is a very knowledgeable nurse, and she shows dedication and true compassion to all residents and staff.  She is an incredible role model and impeccable team leader. She goes above and beyond to ensure that quality of life and care, along with the utmost dignity, is provided by every team member to all residents.”

Through it all, Maclin strives to embody the five core values—beginning with integrity. She explained: “With strong moral principles, all of the others align. So I think for me, integrity is one of the most important. Which coincides with the profession of nursing—because we have regulations we have to meet—and especially with Consulate, because we have standards. We expect high standards and want [our residents and their families] to think about us that way.”

Those high standards remain constant, but the journey to reach them is unpredictable. “There’s never a day that’s the same. Although you plan to have a routine each day, anything can change and throw off the routine. . . The patients and their families come first. Make sure they get what they need, before everything else, and all other tasks for the day. They are the priority,” Maclin said.

However that doesn’t mean the staff members (and all their hard work) go unnoticed. “In any organization, showing appreciation to your coworkers is really important. Everyday when they tell me goodbye, I say, ‘I’ll see you tomorrow, and thank you for what you did today.’ I think appreciation goes a long way… to let them know they’re valuable.”

Maclin raved about the team at Envoy of Lawrenceville: “There are so many people who impact me here. We’re one big family,” she said, and then emphasized a particular individual: Tracie Seward, Director of Nursing. “She’s so knowledgeable, so professional, and she shares a wealth of knowledge with you… She always makes you feel comfortable about everything—new experiences, old experiences. She helps you be efficient in everything you do. We all have the same motto, ‘Do your best and be the best person you can be.’”

Maclin thanked Consulate for this recognition and featured spotlight story.

In her free time, she enjoys playing handball, completing obstacle courses, attending church events, and spending time with her three children and one grandchild. She loves playing games with them, and said, “Every time we have a family reunion, I’m always in charge of the activities, because I make it fun!”

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