This week’s CHIRPs spotlight focuses on a relatively new member of the Consulate Health Care family, Chris Green, RVPO for the Florida North region. Chris has a wealth of expertise with over 20 years as a post-acute healthcare executive, and Consulate is thrilled to have him join the team! Chris has been affiliated with successful, high-quality organizations and is looking forward to applying his expertise at Consulate to achieve the best outcomes, patient care, and customer service.

Chris’ love for post-acute care started when he was a graduate student doing an internship in a geriatric healthcare setting. He instantly found his passion for the industry, and knew that he would be happy to spend his career in long-term care. Chris is particularly motivated by his involvement with residents on a daily basis. When he was in training, he witnessed how his ED talked with residents and family members each day. Seeing that interaction was very meaningful to Chris. He told us about his own conversations with one resident that was a Pearl Harbor veteran. Even at 101 years old, this man was able to share details from his experiences. Chris is fascinated and fulfilled by the life stories and experiences of the patients and residents. His passion is fueled by the ability he has to contribute to improved patient care and outcomes.

After completing school, Chris went on to become the executive director of a care center at the young age of 24, and successfully turned around the challenged building in just a few years. Chris next moved to Arkansas to become a senior executive in a care center. There was just one problem for Chris in Arkansas. He missed the water! So, he returned to Florida to become a senior executive in a post-acute care management company. Over the past 15 years, Chris has had the opportunity to contribute his expertise while learning valuable skills in several large management companies.

“If you are passionate, you will do your best, and patients will get the care they deserve.”

Now, Chris is thrilled to “join Consulate’s current team in the Florida division. They are a team of extremely talented people.” Chris retains his license as a nursing home administrator, and is also a certified preceptor for individuals pursuing post-acute management. Even though he is not assigned to a particular Consulate building, the fact that he maintains his license and certification are a testament to his commitment to the profession.

Chris is the father of three teenagers. His twin boys are 18 years old, and his daughter is 16. His busy family loves to do anything that involves being outdoors, near a lake or the ocean. Wakeboarding, tubing, going to the beach, and biking are some of their favorite activities.

Chris’ passion for the healthcare field, for the residents, and for his family are all clear to see. It’s no surprise that he believes that if you have passion, everything else will fall into place. “If you are passionate, you will do your best, and patients will get the care they deserve.” That makes a lot of sense, Chris. Thank you for sharing your expertise and passion with Consulate Health Care!