Despite only working in Consulate Health Care’s corporate payroll department for four months thus far, Payroll Specialist Keebla Williams has already made an impression.

In the words of Jessica Allinder, Human Resources Coordinator at Plantation Bay Rehabilitation Center: “Every interaction I’ve ever had with Keebla is a positive one! Payroll specialists have very full plates, however, Keebla never allows that to show. Anything I ask her to complete is done more promptly than I expect. Even during busy times, she answers her phone and is fully present! Keebla’s attitude and approach to her position make my role easier and allows me to serve my employees quickly, keeping them engaged.”

It was more than pure happenstance that led Williams to Consulate last year. While this is her first job in the health care industry, her ties to the field go back much further. Williams’s late mother had worked as a CNA in a nursing home. Williams says that it was more than a job application or career change that brought her here, but rather, it felt like her mother’s spirit leading her, along with the chance to continue her legacy.

While listening to Williams chronicle her time here and the way things have unfolded, it seemed apparent that she chose the right path. It’s easy to see the amazing attitude of Williams’s that Allinder described. Williams says that she views the challenges in her job as “one big adventurous ride,” in which she gets to continue her mom’s journey.

She explains that she makes a daily effort to be “friendly, positive, and patient, to offset stress and frustration, all in hopes that it will trickle down [from the care center staff and nurses, to the patients and their families]. I see it as helping on the backend.”

Not only does she find her work meaningful, but she also appreciates the overall atmosphere and morale at Consulate’s Atlanta corporate office. Williams explains that at her former workplace, she tried to boost morale, but the efforts were never reciprocated. Here the environment offers a much brighter contrast. She says the payroll department lives by the mantra: Teamwork makes the dream work.

However, when asked about the greatest impact her fellow Consulate employees have made on her, she mentions Hurricane Michael and the care center staff: “Everyone pulled together when that happened. Even though they all had their own families, everyone cared about residents and put everything personal aside to help the residents and staff in the way of the hurricane. It made me proud to be a Consulate employee.” She said she felt “moved” by the way those employees handled the situation, because she knew that’s exactly what her mom would have done.

Ultimately, she says that the core value “compassion” is all-encompassing for her. “Compassion above all. If you have compassion for others, the rest will fall into place. Having that genuine feeling of wanting to help, and being a support system for anyone, above all, drives and motivates everything else.”

"Compassion above all. . . it drives and motivates everything else."

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