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Saluting our caregivers

Consulate Health Care CEO Salutes Caregivers

While most organizations across the globe are asking employees to stay home and are busy implementing work-at-home options, our caregivers are at the bedside around the clock, seven days a week, to care for the most vulnerable and at-risk population.

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Consulate Health Care CEO letter on Covid-19

CEO Update on COVID-19

As the Chief Executive Officer of Consulate Health Care, it is with great sincerity that I deliver this update on the measures that our company is taking to protect our patients, residents, and staff in the wake of the COVID-19 threat.

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March is social work month

Social Workers: Generations Strong

National Professional Social Work Month in March 2020 is an opportunity for social workers and their supporters around the world to educate the public about the invaluable contributions of these professionals.

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What is Leap Day?

Have you ever wondered about the origin of leap day? February 29th is a date that will only appear on your calendar every four years. A year that includes February 29th is called a “Leap Year.”

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